"Where strangers become friends."

Welcome to the Applegate Country Club.

We live in the country, and this is our club for great food and gathering friends together.


 Headline News:

ACC Is Now Open Every

Monday Night at 5PM!

2 New Pizza Ovens &

Kitchen Addition To Reduce 

Wait Times to 30 Minutes

Founding Members Vote

To Keep ACC Open in January

Founding Membership 

Enrollment Ends January 31st

Dogs Are Allowed, (however...)

New Menu Additions:

OMG Spuds


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches &

Warm Winter Kale Salad

Pizza Delivery is Returning To The

Applegate Soon

Welcome to the Applegate Country Club Website. This is where you'll be able to find the latest news and updates about the ACC, upcoming Events, and special member benefits. We built the Country Club for our neighbors and friends to enjoy a family-friendly space to connect and share good food. Thank you if you are a long time supporter, and welcome if you're just learning about us.

Here's the latest news from the ACC...

ACC Is Now Open Every Monday Night at 5PM!

In September, we opened the ACC to a special event. Texas Hold'em Night was

established as a night for folks to come out and play poker at a community table, or just

enjoy any of our many board games with friends. Once we had enough people

showing up weekly, we decided to open the whole menu up as well. (We also realized

that few Applegate Valley restaurants are open on Monday night.) 

We will be watching Monday night attendance very closely over the Winter. If we have 

more than 50 customers, we'll do it all Winter. So if you like having a place to go 

on Monday night that warm and welcoming, please be sure to show up and show your 


Also, anyone who wants a shorter wait time - Monday & Wednesday are our slow

times right now.

2 New Pizza Ovens & Kitchen Addition To Reduce Wait Times to 30 Minutes

I can't believe the kitchen expansion is almost complete. It's what we've been waiting for since March. Within months of opening our doors, we realized that we didn't have nearly enough oven capacity to meet our customer's expectations. We are currently able to fire off two pizzas every eight minutes. With our two new ovens, we will be able to do 12 pizzas every ten minutes! 

The new ovens and kitchen addition will allow us to not only reduce wait times significantly, but it will allow us to re-launch our pizza delivery service. (More on that below.) We are expecting the new ovens to be open in early January. Thank you so much for your patience all these months. We've really appreciated it!

Founding Members Vote To Keep ACC Open in January

Founding Members were sent a questionnaire asking whether they wanted us to stay open in January or not. The vote was a resounding YES! 

As soon as the vote was in, the staff discussed how we were going to do it, given that January is typically a money-losing month. In order to pull it off, we've decided on a few things. In January, we will be open for lunch and dinner, but we will have to reduce our staffing. For lunch, we will offer slice pies, soups, salads and grilled cheese sandwiches, and pizzas, (of course). But we may have one person for both front and back. So the person cooking your food will also be the person taking your order. Also, we will be shutting down the kitchen at 8pm instead of 9pm because most people in the Winter eat earlier.

We recommend that if you have a large group, or simply need your food within 20 minutes, you call your order in ahead of your arrival. Also, be sure to show us that you want us to be open next January by stopping by for lunch or dinner. If it works this year, we'll do it next year. We have coupons that have been mailed to everyone in the Applegate Valley that are good through January 15th. Please use them!

Founding Membership Enrollment Ends January 31st

First of all, thank you to everyone who has signed up as a Founding Member of the Applegate Country Club. It has been so nice having a group of people who love and support us to start off our first year. Some of you realize that we intentionally don't make money on our memberships. The average member pays $25 for the year, and receives $68 in benefits. The reason for our membership is forward thinking. As we grow, as we add concerts and special dinners, our local members will love having the ability to reserve seats for their family and friends. We were built as a local community hub, and that's where our heart lies. 

The very special member group that has been with us since our launch is called the Founding Membership. The ability to be designated as a Founding Member ends January 31st, 2019. Once Founding Membership is closed, it won't ever re-open. The annual membership fee is locked at that price forever, and we will announce our first bi-annual Founders Meeting & Dinner. Here is a link to become a Founding Member: Join us

If you do not renew your membership, you will lose your status as Founding Member. To renew your membership, log in to our site and update your membership. If you're having trouble, email Cyn for assistance.

Dogs Are Allowed, (However....)

Yes, we do still have our No Dogs Allowed sign. We did allow well-behaved dogs on leashes only in the garden this Summer and Fall. We were doing that as a trial. The other rule is that you have to pick up after your dog. We are hoping to keep the policy this year and will do so as long as we continue to have such great pet owners. But we are keeping the sign up for those who are not such responsible pet owners. 

New Menu Additions:

OMG Spuds - Are twice baked potatoes, with sour cream, cream cheese, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, chives, butter, and a little

artichoke dip. The vegetarian version has artichoke and fresh tomato added, the meat version has bacon added. They are a delicious,,

warm Winter treat. We will offer these for delivery too!

Soups - So far we have offered Tomato Basil and Tuscan Kale Potato soup. But we have plenty more planned. Check our daily

special board on Facebook for the latest specials.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches - This is our yummy twist on an old favorite. We start with a ciabiatta roll, add our roasted garlic sauce,

and two slices of cheddar and a slice of mozzarella cheese, then bake it in our oven until melty. Sooo good!


Warm Winter Kale Salad -  This is Summer's creation. She made it for staff one day and we all went nuts for it. It's made up of

Organic Kale, garlic, lemon juice, pine nuts, dried cranberries, and a tasty vinaigrette dressing. I order it about three times a week!

Pizza Delivery Returning to the Applegate in January!

Here's why pizza delivery didn't work before:  Our oven capacity is two pizzas every eight minutes. Imagine walking into the ACC and you're the only

person there, and you're told the wait time for a pizza is over an hour. What??? How is that possible??? What was happening is that one or more

large delivery orders were ahead of you.  

We shut down pizza delivery because it was affecting our restaurant customers so much. However, with our new ovens, that won't be happening. We'll be able to keep the flow of restaurant orders and delivery orders going without causing long wait times. 

The new delivery will start in January. We will be delivering directly to your door instead of to your mailbox, (as we did previously). And we will be offering delivery to everyone who we can verify lives at the address they are ordering from. In order to ensure the safety of our drivers, we need to ensure that we know who we are delivering to. For members, we already have your information in our delivery system. For new folks, we need you to complete a quick form to add you to our system. We will be charging a $3 delivery fee per order, just like we did before. And you'll need to tip the driver separately.

If you have any questions about delivery, feel free to email Cyn directly. 

Here are the boundaries of our delivery service:

Thompson Creek Road up to Nine Mile Road, All of Humbug Creek Road, N. Applegate to the Cemetery, Hwy 238 East to the Ruch Store parking lot, and West to the Provolt Store parking lot. If you are within that delivery area, please sign up as a Delivery Member.  We sent forms directly to all the homes in the area, and they will be available in the ACC itself.

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